Notre Dame Family President's Message

President's Message - Daniella Stukel


As an Alumni of Notre Dame College School, It gives me great pleasure and an honor to be elected as President of the incredible organization known as the Notre Dame Family Student Services. Better known around ND as simply “The ND Family”. I have been a part of this group for 6 years and I can say this group works hard to make every student’s time at ND a fun and special one and no student will ever go without. 

We function with a volunteer Board of Director who meet monthly to supervise the operation of two very important businesses in the school. These individuals only have the best interests of the students in mind and are always looking for ways to improve for the benefit of the students at our school.
The ND Cafeteria is well known for their outstanding service and great food. Our Cafeteria has achieved and maintained the high nutritional standards required for the Eat Smart Award, as well as exceeding the Ontario Government Standards known as PPM 150 guidelines. Our Staff is constantly looking for good quality food and healthy alternatives.

Notre Dame Outfitters our in-school Uniform and Spirit wear store is also known for its outstanding service. ND Outfitters provides excellent quality clothing and specialty items that promote the “Spirit” of our school. We are always looking at ways to promote our school and make each student look their best! 

The two businesses are staffed by a team of dedicated employees that are the faces of the Family on a daily basis and we are honored to have them on our team. 

Every year our parent run non-profit corporation donates all funds raised back to the school to help finance what the school board calls “enhanced programming”. We finance items such as musical instruments, club start-up funds, grad bursaries, team uniforms and tournament fees.

I encourage all Notre Dame Parents and Guardians who want to be part of our team and help make a difference in the students experience at our school to consider becoming a part of the Family.


Daniella Stukel