About the Notre Dame Family

Over time, the recognition of the association of the Family with the cafeteria and the bookstore as one entity has come out of focus. We need to reaffirm the connection between the Family, the cafeteria, ND Outfitters, and the students.

100% of the profits generated from the students and parents purchasing goods from the cafeteria, ND Outfitters and vending machines comes back to the students in funding they receive for their teams and their community and academic endeavours.

Distribution of Funds

Each school year, approximately $40,000.00 is distributed by the Family to meet various needs which include, but are not limited to, bursaries at graduation and funding for team uniforms and equipment. As well, financial support is given to the Year Book Committee, the school newspaper, the Pilgrimage, the Social Climate Committee, and the Drama and Music departments. Funding is also given for the Dominican experience and for guest speakers on subjects such as drunk driving and social issues. Many of these opportunities and exposures are not available at other schools because of financial limitations.

It is important to note that these funds are over-and-above the allocated school budget as dispersed by the Ministry of Education and the Niagara Catholic District School Board.

Each funding request is carefully reviewed by the Family to ensure that it meets the mandate in an effort that will, in some way, benefit a significant number of students and will in the long run have a benefit to the student body as a whole. 

We believe in the spirit and principles of Notre Dame College School. Our children are on the receiving end of a unique opportunity because of the additional funds that are raised in-house. They have opportunities available to them in terms of access and support of many activities and experiences that would otherwise not be available to them without their own financial contribution. These opportunities are accessible to students regardless of their financial limitations.

Success and Commitment

Our continued success in providing this funding is directly dependant upon the support that the students and parents provide to the Notre Dame Cafeteria, ND Outfitters and school vending machines. They are, in fact, investing in themselves with a 100% return of the profits from their monies.

The commitment of parents and students like you is what enables us, together with the staff and administration, to continue to make Notre Dame College School the extraordinary high school experience that it is.