About the Notre Dame Family

Our Mandate

Although a corporation and a profitable operation, the Notre Dame Family remains just that, The Family.

The sole purpose of the Family’s existence continues to be the support of the school community for the benefit of the students. The students must reap the financial benefits for the support that the student body, staff, and parents provide to the Family operations.

We believe in the spirit and principles of Notre Dame College School. The Notre Dame Family provides our children a unique culture, which opens the doors to opportunities for them regardless of financial limitations. Many of these are opportunities and exposures that are not available at other schools because of financial limitations.

How we achieve our mandate:

  1. We do this with the funding that gets funneled back to the students for their teams, community, and academic endeavours.
  2. Support by the students and parents by purchasing goods from the cafeteria and ND Outfitters are monies of which 100% of the profits are recycled back into the school for the benefit of the students.
  3. On an annual basis, these profits are contributed over the school year to meet various student needs. These contributions include but are not limited to:
  • Hardship funding, (uniforms, Breakfast Club, or any other financial need of a less fortunate student)
  • Bursaries at graduation,
  • Supplemental funding of uniforms and equipment for our teams,
  • Financial support to the Year Book,
  • Newspaper,
  • The Pilgrimage,
  • The Social Climate committee,
  • Drama and music,
  • Guest speakers on subjects such as drunk driving and social issues to name just a few.

We invite and encourage all parents/guardians to become involved in the ND Family by completing the Membership Application.